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Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten Updates
   Unit 5 Celebrations and Winter
Essential Question - How do we celebrate?
Phonological / Phonemic Awareness
With guidance, begins to identify, repeat and name previously taught beginning sounds. 
With support, can identify and point to objects that begin with the initial /p/.
With less guidance, orally separates and blends syllables to say longer words e.g. sis-ter, bi-cy-cle
Recognizes and produces rhyming words. 
Blends and segments onsets and rimes. 
Discusses the big ideas of the story and retells the correct sequence of events. 
Listens to two familiar stories about the same topic, then compares and contrasts events in both stories using pictures, details to support discussion.
With prompting and support describes the relationship between illustrations and the text about winter. 
Reviews characters and events of a familiar story. 
Emergent Writing 
Begins to combine strokes to form letters.  
Begins to develop greater mastery of fine motor skills. 
Begins to add more details in drawings. 
Focus Letters in this Unit
p and review of all previously taught letters. 
Image result for rainbow images
TK Rainbow Words
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
I this five eight look good
the two you in and help
a here seven on have make
it four what come big play
like three see find me little
to are do nine from down
is my six where were not
one can with go for up
WritingImage result for kids writing
We are learning how to write a simple sentence using our Rainbow Words.  A great emphasis will be placed on using lined paper correctly, begin a sentence with a capital, putting spaces between the words and using an end mark  All of these expectations are discussed every time we do writing.  I am starting to see a little growth!.     
                                                                   Image result for math
We will continue working on Number Sense.  We start off very slow by counting, writing and representing the numbers one to five. After we learn these numbers and are confident we will move onto comparing and ordering zero to five. Manipulation of these number skills is very important for Transitional Kindergarten students.  
Image result for science images
 Before we leave for winter break my goal is to get back to the science lab at least one more time to work on a STEM project.  Our calendars are a little hectic so we will try our best. 
Upcoming Dates 
December 6, 2018 - Winter Music Program Rehearsal Image result for calendar
December 13, 2018 - Winter Music Program 
(Guests are invited based on the student's last name.)
 8:30 AM: Last Name H-Q
10:30AM: Last Name R-Z
1:00PM: Last Name A-G
December 14, 2018 - Minimum Day 12:30 Dismissal
December 17, 2018 - January 4, 2018 - Winter Break
January 7, 2019 - First day of School in 2019!
      Social Studies 
This month we will learn about the various holidays that are celebrated in the month of December. 
Image result for hanukkah    
Image result for Christmas
Image result for Kwanzaa
 Image result for help
We need donations for our adopt a Dearborn Family for the holidays.  If you have questions, please contact me.  A neon green flyer went home before Thanksgiving.
Please have your child log in and use this resource.  Our teachers and principal think that it is an excellent reading resource.  In fact, we have agreed to purchase it until April of next year.   
In the month of November we only had 8 students login. 
Image result for homework
Please make sure you are returning your child's homework in their blue folder on a daily basis.  This will help your child learn responsibility as well as classroom procedures and routines. 
In addition, any papers on the left at home side should be taken out nightly.  If they continue returning to school I will throw them out. I beg, plead, encourage you to remove the papers and go over them with your child.  You should make positive comments and ask them how the paper / activity was completed.