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Good attendance is one of the most important factors assuring student success at school. Dearborn teachers will take attendance at 7:52AM when the school day officially begins. Students who are not in line at 7:52 will be marked tardy.

Regular daily attendance is crucial for your children to have continuity in their instruction. Please make every effort to ensure that your child attends school daily, unless he or she is ill. LAUSD has set the attendance benchmark at 96%, which means that students should be absent as little as possible and should only miss school for illness or other reasons that the District deems an excused absence.

All students absent for three or more days must come to the office to be readmitted. If your child must be absent, please send a written excuse on the day he/she returns. The LAUSD Connect Ed Phone System will automatically call whenever a student is absent or tardy from school. If you know your child will be absent, you may call the school office to report the absence and request homework. Make every attempt possible to schedule appointments after school hours, or later in the school day.

Our goal again this year, in addition to improved student achievement, is to increase student attendance. We will continue to recognize those students who have perfect attendance. Our school receives funding daily for every child who attends at least part of the school day. For our attendance awards and recognition, students must be in school at least one hour of the school day.

A student who is absent three full days without a valid excuse, or is tardy or absent on three occasions without a valid excuse for more than 30 minutes, or any combination thereof, is a truant. Truancy can lead to severe consequences, including fines and criminal prosecution. In cases of injuries that involve casts, stitches, surgery, head injuries, hospitalization, or any serious illness, please bring us a note from the doctor.

Students who have 5 or more tardies in a reporting period will have an excessive absence or excessive tardy comment on their report card.

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