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Policies & Procedures » Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework is given at all grade levels Monday through Thursday. The purpose of homework is to reinforce concepts that are previously taught by the teacher.
Sometimes there are long-term assignments that continue over a period of several weeks. Students are asked to prepare a science project for our science fair in the spring, associated with Open House.
It is always a good idea to read with your child daily, in any language, and to practice math facts. (See our "Math Facts & Reading Links" for quick access to online practice!)
If you have any questions about homework, please contact your child's teacher.


Kindergarten...15-20 mins.
First.................30-35 mins.
Second............30-35 mins.
Third................35-40 mins.
Fourth..............35-40 mins.
Fifth.................50-60 mins.
  • Homework assignments should be reasonable in length, content, and resources required should be easily obtained.
  • Homework for all students should be purposeful and clear. It should be based on the needs of the class. It should never be assigned as punishment.
  • Homework may be scheduled over an extended period of time that may include weekends and vacations.
  • The assignment should always be stated in terms of the Standard, skill or concept being reinforced rather than in terms of the chapter, unit or page number given in a given test.
  • Homework assignments and due dates should be explained by the teacher in advance and thoroughly understood by the students. Written description of goals and criteria and homework policy should be provided at the beginning of the course.
  • When homework is appropriately assigned and explained by the teacher, homework becomes the responsibility of the student to understand, complete and return by the expected date.
  • Completed assignments should be recorded by the teacher and reviewed with the students.
  • Parents should be notified when students do not complete homework or show significant decline in effort or achievement.
  • Homework, which is a necessary part of students' educational program, is purposeful when it provides work habits and a sense of responsibility for completing the task. Purposeful homework is related to class work and the standards. Parents should help students organize their assignments by recording them on a calendar or planner, along with due dates and dates turned in.