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Policies & Procedures » Visitor's & Volunteer Policy

Visitor's & Volunteer Policy

Our volunteers provide essential support to our school and we encourage parents and community members to become volunteers. All volunteers are required to have a completed Volunteer Application on file; these applications are available in the office.  Volunteers must abide by the Volunteer Policy at all times. When volunteering in the classroom, on field trips or at school events, parents may not bring other children with them. Only volunteers with a complete and current volunteer application on file may go on field trips. All volunteers must have a current TB test on file; new volunteers must have taken their TB test within 6 months of beginning their volunteer assignment.  Each volunteer will have her/his own page in our volunteer sign-in book. Volunteers will sign in and sign out on their page each time they come on campus to volunteer. Volunteer badges are to be used while on campus and should be returned when signing out. The volunteer book will be used as official documentation of volunteer hours.

All visitors to Dearborn must sign in the Visitor book and get a Visitor Pass from the office staff. Visitors must have the consent and approval of an administrator or designee to come on campus during instructional hours. Visitors may not interrupt classroom instruction or conference with the teacher or paraprofessional during instructional time. Visitation is limited to 30 minutes unless other arrangements are made and approved by an administrator or designee in advance. Children who are not enrolled at the school are not to be on campus unless prior approval of an administrator has been obtained. Visitors may not participate in field trips. After your visit is over, return to the office, turn in the Visitor Pass, and sign-out in the Visitor book.

All observations require the approval of an administrator (or designee only if an administrator is not available). Appointments should be made in advance for observations and post observation conferences. Once permission is obtained, you will be given an observation pass to take to the classroom. Observations should last no more than 30 minutes. During the observation, you are asked not to interact with the students or adults in the classroom. Be aware that classroom visitors often distract the students and that what you see may be different than what occurs on a regular basis. Once the observation is complete (or the 30 minutes is up) return to the office to sign out. Only one person may observe at a time. Children who are not enrolled at the school are not to be on campus unless prior approval of an administrator has been obtained.

Any individual who disrupts a school site or fails to follow school rules and/or procedures is subject to removal from the school site and may be further restricted from visiting the school.

Dearborn Volunteer Agreement 2014-15
Volunteer and Visitor Policy 2014-15